Mobile Cb 2 way radio

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Mobile CB radios are still used today. People love to communicate at any capacity. A CB radio is just another way to communicate with different people. Many people that have used a CB radio, like using them, and often look into getting mobile CB radios to communicate with their friends or make friends.

When purchasing mobile Walkie Talkies, it is essential to understand a little bit about mobile CB radios so that you are happy with the purchase of a CB radio for the life of your CB years. There are some features that make it worth getting, and other features that certainly might not matter to you.

Any mobile radios you purchase could give you at least 1 to 2 miles and even 20 to 25 miles or more depending on all different factors. Your location plays a massive part of how far your CB radio will transmit, but your antenna is the most important. The higher your antenna reaches the further you should be able to reach. A mobile CB might not give you more than 2 to 5 miles, but a home base station CB setup with your antenna up high will give you a further range than a car that is lower to the ground.

Purchasing mobile CB radios you may want to look for a radio that has a Mic Gain control. This will help you to control your microphone’s volume during transmit. You can lower your volume to reduce the background noise. If the CB you purchase does not have that control you can purchase a DynaMike or XtraTalk separately for your CB radio.

Make sure the mobile radios you purchase, always have an RF control. You can also use a RF gain control to squelch out the distant chatter, noise of signals that are too weak to actually reach you.

Some mobile radios have the “talkback” feature. That is an optional feature not on all CBs, but it allows you to hear yourself through your radio’s speaker, while you are talking. If your volume is too high on your talkback you will get a feedback squeal. Once again if your mobile radio does not have this feature, there are talkback speakers you can buy separately that get plugged into the CB.

If you are interested in purchasing the top of the line mobile CB radios, or you know you will have it for many years to come, a mobile radio with Sideband, is recommended. Side band gives you access to bandwidth a regular CB will not. This is particularly helpful if you are talking with friends and a kid jumps on a radio and starts giving you a problem. With Upper and lower sidebands you and your friends will always have a place to talk. Often radios with sideband have a further range they reach, and there is no noise on it compared to the standard 40 channels.

The best thing about buying a mobile CB radio is that it does not always have to be mobile. If you decide you do not like it in your car or truck, you can easily convert it over to a home base station. You will need to buy a power supply and a suitable antenna and you can have your mobile radios functioning like a store bought home-based station.

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